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Fold flat reading sunglasses by Nannini (+1.50 dioptres)

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  • Available in +1.50ds and +2.50ds powers, these sun readers are a superb addition to any reading activity.
  • They fold completely flat, fit in a top pocket or purse and reduce page glare.
  • They offer Total UV protection and have a very high quality lens.
  • You will wonder how you ever did without them when reading a book outside.
  • PFT (Pivoting Folding Temples) patented mechanism enable the temples to have a double movement (rotation and flexion). This technology allows them to be folded and stored in a tough polypropylene case of only 10 mm thickness.
  • FRAME With a weight of only 9 grams the advanced anatomical design gives you maximum comfort. Available in 8 different colors, these sunglasses are easy to wear for their practicality and the modern design.
  • LENSES Methacrylate lenses with total UV protection.
  • PACKAGING Packaged in a 10 millimeters thick plastic case.
  • * This product is the +1.50ds version *

(for +2.50 version click here)