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Avizor Saline Unit Dose (UD) - 30 x 5ml

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*1 box of 30 x 5ml vials*

  • Avizor Saline is a saline solution for all types of contact lenses, both rigid and soft, including silicone hydrogel. Ideal for rinsing and moisturizing contact lenses.
  • The single-dose solution contains preservatives and can be used to preserve contact lenses and is ideal for dissolving enzymatic tablets.
  • AVIZOR Saline is a modern physiological solution for rinsing, hydrating, disinfecting and storing all types of contact lenses. It protects contact lenses from calcium deposits and dissolves enzyme tablets.
  • AVIZOR Saline has a pH similar to that of natural tears that make it possible to wear contact lenses comfortably if you have sensitive eyes and this liquid eliminates irritation.